Monday, April 22, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back!!

At Starbucks the other day, we had a man ask if we were having twins. That's how big I am....I LOOK like I'm carrying twins. 

I'm 34 weeks .... and BabyCenter says that women still tend to feel sexy at this stage in their pregnancy. They even continue to have sex. Well....I neither feel sexy nor have continued to have sex.  

How can you feel sexy when your body has gone from small and fit to big, unbalanced and swollen. And how can you still have sex when you've got a giant stomach the size of a watermelon in the way. 

I can actually feel my body changing into a mother's body.  As I'm getting ready to welcome two babies into my life, I'm failing to do things that I would normally do for myself. 

My hair looks drab and boring. I have been concerned with dying my hair as I think the ingredients in the dye could affect the babies growth.  Similarly, I haven't gone back blonde since I found out I'm pregnant because I'm concerned the bleach may have a negative impact.

I know they say it shouldn't affect the babies....even my doctors office has confirmed that. But I don't know...I somehow feel like it isn't good for them so I'm not going to take any chances. I don't care what anyone says.

My nails have been awful. I haven't been able to keep them manicured since I have been trying to spend any extra money we have on baby items.  The only reason they're done now is because Jonathan forced me to go get them done after he painted them last time (the only time). 

Even my boobs look ugly now.  They are becoming saggy because of the milk coming in.  I feel like this woman looks!!  --------------------------------> 

They also don't have anywhere to go since my stomachs in the way so they kind of hang off to the side in an unattractive way.   It's GROSS!  I never thought I could feel so ugly!  And the babies haven't even started latching on yet. Can't imagine what they're going to look like after that.

Yea BabyCenter ...real sexy!!! 

Well...I've decided once the babies are here and we get them settled in, I'm gonna bring sexy back!!  I'm going to go back to doing things like I did before I got pregnant... like wearing lingerie, taking pics of myself and sending them to my husband, and doing amateur strip dances for my husband... if he still wants me  :(  

I'll just have to figure out how to balance that with taking care of two newborn babies at once. 

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